About The Company

Come Get To Know Us

As engineers, we’ve always had a passion for problem solving. But, we really found our niche once we combined our passion with real estate…

Meet the Two of Us!

Cash Home Buyers, SEO Experts, & Engineers

Andy and Liz are Virginia Tech grads who went from coding software for Navy ships and aircrafts to flipping houses. As co-owners of Sell My House Fast, we have years of experience buying, renovating, and selling homes in multiple markets across the country.

We keep busy through all of our different roles, but our #1 priority is you, the homeowner! Without happy customers, we wouldn’t be able to maintain our top position nationwide.

When we’re not busy flipping houses, you can catch us on the next flight to pretty much anywhere! We also love hanging out at local breweries, hiking, and trail running.


Why Choose Sell My House Fast UK

We are a 100% honest, trustworthy company. We are honest and hard-working, understand your emotions and want to help you with your home sales. We are watertight and have experience and knowledge about the real estate landscape of the UK and its ever-changing market dynamics.

Our Promise

Our customers are our highest priority! We never compromise our honesty and integrity. We will maintain a positive attitude throughout the deal and will always stand with our sellers. 

Through our transparent service and trustworthiness, we strive to provide a smooth deal to homeowners -which allows you to receive fair cash for your property in no time!


Our goal is to help every homeowner, including you. You will be treated with respect & integrity the entire way.